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Our scorpion pest control ensures your space is safe and secure.

In Cape Town’s diverse landscape, scorpions are more common than many realise! Our region’s varied topography, ranging from sandy beaches to mountainous areas, provides an ideal habitat for several scorpion species. While most of the scorpions found in our region are not deadly, the venom of these pests can often be potent enough to warrant medical attention, making professional pest control a must to have these creatures removed.


Your Safety is Our Priority!

As nocturnal creatures, scorpions spend daylight hours hiding in crevices, emerging at night to hunt and feed – making them particularly frightening when unexpectedly encountering them during the day! They also pose significant threats to human and pet health. Their stings, though typically non-lethal, can cause severe pain, numbness, swelling, and, in some cases, more serious symptoms. Our pest control services involve identifying the type of scorpion, evaluating potential infestations, and applying appropriate control measures.

Our techniques range from physical removal to chemical eradication, aiming to minimise invasions and protect humans from potential stings. Implementing effective scorpion pest control measures decreases the likelihood of harmful interactions with these arachnids and creates safer environments.

Identifying The Danger

A scorpion’s venom potency is typically determined based on several factors, including the species, the concentration and composition of toxins in the venom, and the amount of venom delivered in a sting. An easy way to quickly identify this is through their tails. Here’s how to tell:


Highly venomous scorpions are characterised by a thick tail and slender pincers. When provoked, their sting inflicts excruciating pain at the site of contact. Their venom can often pose a serious threat to life, necessitating immediate medical attention and intervention.


Scorpions in this category possess a distinctive medium-sized tail and pincers. Their sting closely resembles that of a wasp, resulting in localized pain. A sharp sensation accompanies the sting and may cause redness and swelling in the affected area.


Scorpions with weak venom have slender tails and thick pincers. When these scorpions sting, they do not cause as much discomfort, with a sensation akin to a small pinprick, followed by a mild itching sensation that usually subsides over time.

End The Scorpion Scare

Scorpions will undoubtedly create tension and unease in your home or workplace. With knowledge of the different scorpion species found in Cape Town and vigilant pest control measures, we help effectively reduce the risks associated with these creatures.