Pest Control Services to Safeguard
Your Home and Business

Ready to live pest-free?

Whether it is rodents scurrying in the attic, termites gnawing at your wooden structure, or cockroaches invading your commercial kitchen, pests can turn a peaceful environment into a living nightmare. But these unwelcome guests do more than disrupt your peace — they pose significant dangers to your health! This is why professional pest control is not just a luxury. It is an essential service for every home and business.

While DIY pest control solutions might seem tempting, they often offer temporary relief and can sometimes even exacerbate the issue. Our professional pest control services provide comprehensive solutions to eliminate pests at their source and prevent future infestations. We have undergone extensive training and have access to advanced tools to accurately identify the type of pest, understand their behaviour, and develop a targeted treatment plan to ensure effective eradication.

The Pests Have Met Their Match…

Professional pest control services are crucial in preventing health risks and property damage. PRO Pest Control conducts thorough inspections to find signs of pest activity and identify the species involved. We have the knowledge, tools, and techniques to deal with pest infestations and can identify and address potential pest problems before they become infestations. Once we have identified the pests, we develop tailored treatment plans to target the pest’s various lifecycles — from eggs and larvae to adults.

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Our Certifications

We validate our expertise, adherence to safety protocols, and use of environmentally responsible pest control methods through our industry certification to the South African Pest Control Association. This accreditation gives you, as a client, confidence in our ability to handle your pest control needs effectively and safely.


Residential Pest Control

At the heart of a happy and healthy home is the assurance of a pest-free environment. Our residential pest control services are designed to give homeowners this peace of mind. We draw on extensive knowledge to tackle any pest issue, ensuring your home is safe and comfortable for you and your loved ones. We aim to eliminate pests and implement preventive measures to keep future infestations at bay.


Commercial Pest Control

A pest-free commercial environment is crucial for maintaining health and safety standards, no matter the industry. Our commercial pest control services offer businesses the assurance they need for smooth and confident business operations. Our team leverages their expertise to address pest issues and implements preventative measures to ensure your premises remain safe, clean, and conducive for employees and customers.



Fumigation services stand as a powerful and effective solution for combating severe pest infestations. Our services involve using specific chemicals to eliminate pests throughout your property – a method particularly effective for eradicating stubborn pests like termites, bed bugs, and cockroaches, which hide in hard-to-reach areas.



When pests have invaded your space, extermination services provide the swift and decisive action you need to reclaim it. Extermination is more than eliminating the pests you see – it involves a comprehensive approach to target pests at all life stages. Our team uses proven methods and advanced tools to eliminate pests effectively.

Routine Maintenance for Proactive Pest Prevention

Embrace the power of prevention to keep your home or business free from pests and benefit from the keen eyes of our professional pest control team. Our routine inspections form part of our contractual pest control services and allow for early detection of potential infestations – which helps our team take swift, necessary action to stop any problem in its tracks.

We advise our clients to employ simple enhancements like installing door sweeps, window screens, and bait stations, as they can make a huge difference in preventing pests from finding their way into your space. The importance of cleanliness should also not be neglected. Scheduling regular deep-cleaning sessions that focus on often overlooked areas – basements, attics, and storage rooms – will help prevent hidden corners from becoming breeding grounds for pests.

By adhering to these tips and maintaining a consistent prevention routine, you can significantly diminish the chances of a pest infestation. However, should you detect any signs of pests, do not delay in reaching out to our team. We are equipped to handle the situation promptly and effectively.

Ensuring Healthy, Safe, Pest-Free Environments
Pest control services are essential because of the significant dangers pests impose. By enlisting in our professional pest control team, you can protect your home and business and revel in the peace of mind that you are maintaining a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment. Don’t let the pests take over! Contact PRO Pest Control today for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.